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Disinfectant Mat

Disinfectant Mat


Compact, movable and washable disinfectant foot bath mat for use at entrances of homes / institutions that require entry after shoe disinfection. Disinfectant solution can be filled into the pit of the mat for use as a boot / shoe dip before entry into sterile areas like hospitals / farms.?

This mat can also be used as a shoe / footwear stand to trap moisture and dirt at home entrances. It can be used at the entrance of swimming pools to rinse feet.


  • Eco-friendly. Made from natural and recycled rubber
  • Recyclable
  • Multi-purpose
  • Washable
  • All Weather
  • Used both Indoors or Outdoors
  • Durable. Extremely long lasting


Size in cm: 90×55 cm approx
Size in inches:35.4×21.7 approx
Thickness:5 cm / 2.0 inch approx
Colour: True Black

Additional information

Weight6.5 kg
Dimensions165 × 59 × 5 cm