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About Us

Innovating Comfort and Protection for Your Floors

Top Floor Rubber Mats are produced by The Narendran Group Of Companies, a family business established in 1981 with interests in manufacturing, plantations, tourism, and IT. The rubber division has three factories in Kollam District, Kerala, India, making mats in various sizes and designs for home, garden, institutional, and industrial use.

Our mats, sold under the ‘Top Floor’ brand in India, reach over fifteen countries worldwide. We focus on continuous product innovation and improvement. Our mats, made mostly from natural and recycled rubbers, are eco-friendly and fully recyclable. They are durable, all-weather resistant, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The Narendran Group


The Narendran Group operates in four core areas-Rubber Products manufacture, Rubber, Coconut and Cashew Plantations, an upcoming tropical lakeside resort and Information Technology.

Our modern rubber mat production facilities are Narendran Sons, Narendran Polymers and Narendran Rubbers all situated in the town of Kollam in Kerala State, India. Our expertise in rubber products goes back to over three decades. From manufacturing rebuttoning rubber (Tread Rubber) and Tyre Flaps that catered to the transportation industry, we have come a long way in being rated now as, one among the largest manufacturers of quality rubber mats in India. Our products are sold in over fifteen countries worldwide and we have a large presence in the extensive Indian domestic market, where our products are sold in the “Top Floor” brand name.

A brief note on
production facilities,
production and location

Our factories, an hour’s drive from Trivandrum International Airport and three hours from Cochin seaport, feature modern production lines for large-volume, high-quality mats. We mix various rubbers with chemicals and agents to create precise compounds, which are then sheeted and vulcanized in heated hydraulic presses. The finished mats are trimmed, quality-checked, and packed for dispatch. Different mats require specific formulations and curing times. Our factories also have captive power generation for uninterrupted production.


The core management team comprises Mr. Murugesh Narendran, Mr. Naresh Narendran, and Mr. Ramesh Narendran. They oversee various aspects of the group’s operations.